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Make 21st Century Power Solutions your #1 solar installation choice in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington DC. We are passionate about solar power and the great value it provides for our customers and the environment. Offering generous solar power incentives, 12 months same-as-cash financing, 5,10,15 & 20 year financing and leasing options, there is no better time than now to install solar power to save money, save energy, and save the environment.


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    Homes in MD, DC & VA are benefitting from solar power . We offer expert installations, a10-yr. warranty, energy monitoring, financing options and solar power leasing . Invest now, and save now!

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    Our commercial customers realize powerful, immediate benefits that include lowered energy bills and local & federal incentives. All installations are done by 21st CPS employees who take care of the designs, paperwork, inspections and more...

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    Save your business thousands of dollars in energy costs and qualify for utility rebates and tax incentives by letting our team provide cost cutting lighting solutions that optimize energy efficiency and lower your business' utility bill.

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